Work Triangle

You need to imagine a triangle that connects the three main sources where you will be doing three different tasks: Cooking, Clean up and Food Storage.


This layout gives you plenty of counter space and comfortably joins the dining area with a common counter surface.


Can be efficient but very little counter space, and the traffic areas can be very limited.

Planning and Design

As you are designing your kitchen and moving items around in your plan, Always remember your work triangle. Remember to avoid putting an island in a kitchen where two points of the triangle are on opposite walls, it will definitely turn your kitchen into an obstacle course and make it difficult for you to function properly. In larger kitchens, you can break up the space in some Incredible ways by adding an island or two. Try to provide convenient storage space, help direct traffic, and present the chef with useful countertop space that borders but does not block the work triangle.

Getting Started

Function is the basis of a good kitchen design, especially when you consider the fact that is the room in the home that is used daily. To make your life easier and more enjoyable, you will want to start out with a clear plan for your work triangle, it will save you a lot of time over the years.

The Basics of a Work Triangle

When you are in your kitchen you naturally move between three places while you are preparing food. You typically will do three different tasks: Cooking, Clean up, and Food Storage. So in essence your sink, cooktop and refrigerator. Imagine a triangle that connects them. This is considered your work triangle, which is the heart of your kitchen design. The ideal space on each side should be 4 feet in length but less than 9 feet in length. Don’t forget you will need a place also for food preparation, the best place for that is in your work triangle. It could be between the cooktop and refrigerator, or a countertop on an island.

Kitchen Basic Layouts

There are typically four main kitchen layouts: The “L”, “Galley”, “U”, and Peninsula”


This is a popular layout, you have a lot of counter space and no high traffic areas


This is ideal for an island if you have plenty of space in the “U”, it surrounds the chef with appliances and counter space.


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